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Retail Projects

Owner: Various

Location:  Columbus, Delaware, Logan, New Albany, and Portsmouth, Ohio

Architect: Roy Yoder, James A. Monsul and Shremshrock-Yoder

Project Summary:


  • Delaware, Kenton and Logan totaled 210,000 square feet of store space and $9 million in construction costs. The Galloway project consisted of a new 65,000 square foot Kroger Superstore; Roslovic Building Co’s eighth Kroger store. It is located in the rapidly growing community at West Broad Street and Galloway Rd. on the far west side of Columbus, Ohio. For the Portsmouth Kroger, Roslovic Building Co. was awarded the project after giving the most competitive bid. Through local community involvement, it was agreed the project would be constructed with an all-union workforce. 

Owner: Glimcher Realty Trust

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Architect: Richard L. Bowen Architects

Project Summary:


  • Roslovic Building Co. simultaneously completed two Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers totaling 260,000 square feet during a six month period. Lowe’s incorporated its new prototype store design into the facilities, which demanded effective communication and flexibility between all parties: owner, tenant, architect, and contractor. Construction costs totaled $7.5 million. Lowe’s stores include specialty building components such as custom electrical switchgear, greenhouse shade components, and special floor finishes. Accelerated schedules for off-site roadway improvements were set and achieved in order to meet grand opening deadlines.

Owner: GRB Polaris Partners II, LLC

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Architect:  Meachum & Apel Architects

Project Summary:


  • A total of four retail buildings were constructed in Columbus, Ohio in a high traffic area off of Polaris Parkway. Building C houses a 21,444 California Fitness and building A with 17,253 sf houses a Ted Montana’s Grill, Murphy McFlip, China Buffet, and a Saturdays Hair Salon.

Owner: Skilken-Casto Organization

Location: Kettering, Ohio

Architect:  Ford & Associates Inc.

Project Summary:


  • This project repurposed a retail center which was originally a strip center, the mall center, and back to a strip center. In addition, the owners wanted to give it a new exterior look. Portions of the mall were de-constructed and rebuilt for new tenants. The parking lot was reconstructed and the entire face of the center was "lifted." The project was an eighteen-month effort with $10M in construction costs. 

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