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Industrial Projects

Owner: Borg-Warner Automotive - ATS Division

Location: Gallipolis, Ohio

Architect: Meacham & Apel Architects

Project Summary:


  • Borg-Warner Automotive produces high precision transmission parts for the Big Three automakers. Increased sales called for additional production capacity and several new forge and briqueting press pits. Borg-Warner’s total capital improvement costs for the project exceeded $25,000,000. Roslovic Building Co. completed the 60,000 square foot expansion as well as the press pits and Henry filter system. The project required in-depth technical expertise, particularly with the press pit construction. Extensive vibration analysis was performed, and pits were added within six feet of existing building foundations.

Owner: Forterra Pipe & Precast, PLC

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Architect: HJRL Architects

Project Summary:


  • Roslovic Building Co. constructed this plant for Hanson Pipe & Precast for the production of concrete pipes up to 15 feet in diameter. In addition to the 60,000 square feet of pipe production facilities an additional 5,000 square feet of office space was included to support the company’s Ohio area operations. One twenty-ton bridge craneway and two five-ton bridge craneways are also part of this impressive facility.

Owner: New Boston Coke Corporation

Location: New Boston, Ohio

Architect: Chester Engineering

Project Summary:


  • New Boston Coke Corporation was faced with a deadline to build a weak ammonia liquor biological wastewater treatment plant in order to avoid penalties assessed by the EPA. Roslovic Building Co. was called in to construct the facility as soon as possible. The facility’s systems included: treatment, containment, sludge and stripped liquor storage tanks, unit substation power and switchboard electric distribution, motor control centers, filter press room, chemical handling building, and piping and pumps.

Owner: McWane Ductile

Location: Coshocton, Ohio

Architect: Northpoint Architects

Project Summary:


  • This project is scheduled for completion in fall 2018. McWane Ductile is investing $20 million in this 70,000 square foot addition to increase their production as well as provide an additional product feature. The project includes extending a craneway from the existing building into the new addition and adding drying rooms for their new product line. 

Project Challenges:

  • Due to McWane's on-going production, a shutdown or relocation was not an option. A portion of the new addition is built over the existing plant to allow McWane to operate throughout the construction process.

  • Many existing conditions and modifications of the existing systems had to be investigated, traced, and re-engineered to determine what was needed for the additional requirements.

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