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Borg-Warner Automotive

Owner: Borg-Warner Automotive - ATS Division

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Architect: Meacham & Apel Architects

Project Summary:


Borg-Warner Automotive produces high precision transmission parts for the Big Three automakers.  Increased sales called for additional production capacity and several new forge and briqueting press pits.  Borg-Warner’s total capital improvement costs for the project exceeded $25,000,000.

Roslovic Building Co. completed the 60,000 square foot expansion as well as the press pits and Henry filter system.  The project required in-depth technical expertise, particularly with the press pit construction. Extensive vibration analysis was performed, and pits were added within six feet of existing building foundations.

Project Challenges:
  • Extensive pre-construction analyses was completed to determine long-term capacity requirements and address management concerns and needs

  • Highly specialized press pit and filter system construction demanded state-of-the-art building techniques

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